SIBOOR Voron 0.1 YOUNG Version FDM DIY 3D Printer with E3D V6 Hotend Upgrade Full-set Printers Kits (black)

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Why choose SIBOOR Voron 0.1 Young version?

1.Good price & complete kit, you will receive everything you need to build a complete printer.

2.SIBOOR V0.1Young version:FLY Gemini 3.0motherboard is included,no need for Raspberry Pi nor a separate driver board. With Klipper pre-installed.

The motherboard supports a maximum voltage of 48V input, but it is limited to the 2209 drive used in the kit, and the maximum drive voltage is 24V. If you need to use a 48V high-voltage input, it is recommended to replace the withstand voltage drive, such as 5160.

3.Customized V6 hot-endis customized, maximum temperature reach 300℃, bimetallic throat three-hole nozzle. Can print ABS, PLA, TPU, PETG, etc.

4.A full set of ABS printed partsincluded


Cyan is currently out of stock, only red & black are available

Red /Cycan not Motherboard is Motherboard not included

f you choose Cyan or red V6 Hotend,We will send cyan or red and black 0.1 machine set., not including CNC metal structural parts


For all SIBOOR V0.1 kits delivered since 11th, Nov 2022, the motherboards with Klipper+Fluidd pre-installed have all been installed with fuses, jumper caps, and drivers. The system, motor, temperature measurement, and endstop are all powered on and tested for normal operation. Even novices who do not understand software and hardware can easily use it, greatly reducing the difficulty of use.

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V6 Hotend:Youth version V0.1

Shipping List:


Cable Ties *20pcs,  Nylon Cable Sleeving *2pcs, Nylon Wrap-Around Cable Sleeving φ10mm *1pcs

Solder Rings,  Blue 10pcs,  Red 10pcs* 1pcs,   XH2.54 Reed* 100pcs,  XH2.54 plastic shell *15pcs

Full set ABS Printed parts *1pcs   Solder Iron *1pcs


CNVORON 0.1 full set of screws Stainless steel * 1sets


F623-RS Bearing * 24 pcs  ,  MGN7H Linear Rail with Carriage – 150mm *5pcs

GT2 20T (5mm ID 6mm W) *2pcs  , GATES GT2 Open Belt (6mm W) – 3000mm *1pcs

T8x8 Anti-backlash Flange Nut *1pcs,  Motor cable *4pcs

Red-Black cable *2pcs ,  2*4 Teflon tube *1pcs

Frame(CNVORON 0.1 full set of profiles black oxide * 1set):

CNVORON Official Aluminum Profile 15×15 200mm*16pcs

CNVORON Official 15×15 100mm *3pcs


Little Rubber Feet, 14*11*9 * 4pcs,  6mm x 3mm Round Neodymium Magnets *8pcs


XYZ motor cable * 1pcs , Thermal Fuse 125C * 1pcs

7mm x 7mm cable chain (less than 1/2 meter needed) * 1pcs


Acrylic Sheet Clear – 212x230x2.5mm *2pcs , Acrylic Sheet Clear – 212x239x2.5mm *1pcs

Rear Panel 212mm x 248mm *1pcs , Deck Panel 3mm thick *1pcs

Motor Panel 3mm thick *1pcs , Mid Panel 3mm thick *1pcs

Tophat – Top Panel 180x211mm *1pcs , Tophat – Front/Rear Panel 206x73mm *2pcs

Tophat – Side Panel *2pcs


Bowden Fitting *2pcs


Hotbed – 120x120mm *1pcs , Magnetic printing platform *1pcs

yellow die springs 8x4x20mm *3pcs


NEMA14 36mm pancake Motor with 10 tooth gear *1pcs , BNG extrusion wheel *1pcs

Miniature needle roller bearing *2pcs , Hand screw *1pcs

Stainless steel spring *1pcs , Black gasket *1pcs

5mm pin with 30 teeth plastic gear *1pcs , 3mm pin *1pcs , MR85 bearing *2pcs

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 26 cm


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