SIBOOR ERCF V2 Multi-color 8 Color Kit for Klipper 3D Printer


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★ This is a DIY kit from SIBOOR based on the open-source ERCF V2 project for multi-color printing. Assembly and tuning are required by the user.

★ Assembly difficulty is moderate to low, while tuning difficulty is moderate to high, involving SSH, Klipper configuration, and macro code. Official documentation is available only in English.

★ Provide after-sales service related to product quality.

★ Note: This kit is compatible only with 3D printers using Klipper firmware.

SIBOOR ERCFV2 Kit simplifies multi-material management for 3D printers, ensuring seamless printing. As the inaugural officially certified supplier for ERCF, we offer:
1. An 8-channel version with ERCF/ERCT/ERF accessories.
2. Precise control with EBB MMB mainboard and EZ2209 drivers.
3. Utilization of GDW DS041MG servo with up to 3.5kg/cm torque for efficient consumable loading.
4. High-quality BMG gears for durability and reliability.
5. Upgraded with EE-SX1103 sensor PCB for stable monitoring.
6. Organized tool box facilitates easy assembly.
7. ERCT Buffer Module enables automatic consumable feeding, featuring our designed FPC soft film limit plate.
8. NEMA17 motor with upgraded gear set and Gates RF belts for enhanced performance.
9. Pre-crimped cables ensure stable connections and simplified maintenance

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