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This is SIBOOR’s upgrade of V0.2 kit, not an official VORON upgrade. So we named it SIBOOR V0.2 R1 [Aug,2023].
There are major upgrades.
1: Pro Version shipping with the popular Kirigami sheet metal bracket upgrade, providing greater print stability and less prone to deformation or distortion. Additionally, it provides a configurable RGB indicator to the front panel with a variety of state-based lighting effects for visual feedback.
2: We’ve upgraded the silicone heater for your build plate from 60W to 75W to improve overall heating speed and to provide less thermal variance while printing.
3: New mini-stealthburner with hot-end umbilical toolboard for easier maintenance, cable management and upgrades.

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 36 cm



CHC V6 Hotend, Phaetus Dragon HF hotend

[Extrusion Color]

Black, White, Turquoise, Blue, Space gray, Green, Purple

[Regular colors]

Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, cyan, Blue, Purple, White, Gray, NO printed parts!

[Accent color]

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Black, White, NO printed parts!

0.2 R1 BOM

VORON 0.2 R1 Revision 1.2

Category Description brand Qty
R1 version Micro Switch with cable SIBOOR 1
R1 version MR85 Bearing SIBOOR 1
other Metal rail fixing strip SIBOOR 5
other Custom High Speed Steel M1.5/M2.0/ Cross Screwdriver SIBOOR 1
other Mini Stealthburner LED light(2 meters with PTFE leads) SIBOOR 1
other One out two fan extension cable(PTFE) / 1
other Black M3 Metal Internal Thread Stud / 2
other Allen wrench (one M2/M3 each) / 1
Fasteners 3x6x0.5 Shim Washer Nickel plating 10.9 55
Fasteners M2 Nut Nickel plating 10.9 64
Fasteners M3 Nut Nickel plating 10.9 161
Fasteners M2x6 SHCS Nickel plating 10.9 81
Fasteners M2x6 FHCS Nickel plating 10.9 12
Fasteners M2x8 SHCS Nickel plating 10.9 12
Fasteners M3x6 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 54
Fasteners M3x8 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 133
Fasteners M3x8 FHCS Nickel plating 10.9 6
Fasteners M3x10 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 50
Fasteners M3x12 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 29
Fasteners M3x16 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 12
Fasteners M3x25 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 12
Fasteners M3x30 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 12
Fasteners M3x35 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 35
Fasteners M3x40 BHCS Nickel plating 10.9 12
Fasteners M2x10 Self Tapping Screws for Plastic Nickel plating 10.9 35
Fasteners M3 Brass heatstake inserts – short M3x5x4 / 58
Fasteners M3 t-nut / 2
Fasteners F623-RS Bearing / 24
Fasteners yellow die springs 8x4x20mm / 3
Fasteners Little Rubber Feet / 4
Fasteners 6mm x 3mm Round Neodymium Magnets / 8
Fasteners Hexagonal nylon screw post / 4
Fasteners BMG Extruder Kit(30 teeth reduction gear is FYS CNC version) / 1
Frame EXTRUSION 15×15 200mm SIBOOR 16
Frame EXTRUSION 15×15 100mm SIBOOR 3
Electronics LM200-20B24R2 200W Power Mornsun 1
Electronics Gemini V3 board Mellow 1
Electronics SanDisk MicroSD Card 32GB Sandisk 1
Electronics USB WIFI module Tencent 1
Electronics NEMA14 Stepper Motor 40Ncm SIBOOR 2
Electronics NEMA17 Stepper Motor w/ integrated lead screw 200mm T8x8 SIBOOR 1
Electronics NEMA14 36mm pancake Motor with 10 tooth gear MOON‘S 1
Electronics 3010 blower fans 24V GEEK 2
Electronics 3010 axial fan 24V GEEK 2
Electronics Micro Switch with cable / 1
Electronics C13 Power Cord / 1
Electronics IEC320 C14 inlet / 1
Electronics CHC V6 Hotend SIBOOR 1
Electronics V0-Display SIBOOR 1
Electronics 3M 5952 VHB tape / 1
Electronics High Flex Wire 20gauge / 2
Electronics 7mm x 7mm cable chain (less than 1/2 meter needed) / 1
Electronics ADXL345 SIBOOR 1
Electronics ADXL345 PTFE cable 0.5M SIBOOR 1
Electronics Nylon Cable Ties (1.8mm wide or smaller) / 50
Motion MGN7H Linear Rail with Carriage – 150mm(nickel plated) SIBOOR 5
Motion GT2 20T (5mm ID 6mm W) SIBOOR 2
Motion GT2 Open Belt (6mm W) – 3000mm GATES 3
Motion Silicone DC 24V Heater 100x100mm 60W SIBOOR 1
Buildplate PEI + 3M 468MP (200MP) SIBOOR 1
Panels Acrylic Sheet Clear – 212x230x3mm / 2
Panels Acrylic Sheet Clear – 212x239x3mm / 1
Panels Upper Rear Panel 212x63x3mm / 1
Panels Lower Rear Panel 212x185x3mm / 1
Panels Deck Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) / 1
Panels Motor Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) / 1
Panels Bottom Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) / 1
Panels Mid Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) / 1
Misc. Bowden Tube 4x2mm – 1m / 1
Misc. Bowden Tube 4x3mm – 1m / 1
Extrusion Tophat Top Panel 212x212mm / 1
Extrusion Tophat Side Panels 212x71mm / 4
Extrusion Tophat EXTRUSION 15×15 200mm SIBOOR 4
Extrusion Tophat EXTRUSION15x15×80mm SIBOOR 4
prints Full set of prints(ABS) R1 version 1

This list only for reference.

Under special situations, parts will updated to same level and quality products.

If there has any changes, will update immediately here

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