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This is SIBOOR’s upgrade of V0.2 kit, not an official VORON upgrade. So we named it SIBOOR V0.2 R1 [Aug,2023].
There are major upgrades.
1: Pro Version shipping with the popular Kirigami sheet metal bracket upgrade, providing greater print stability and less prone to deformation or distortion. Additionally, it provides a configurable RGB indicator to the front panel with a variety of state-based lighting effects for visual feedback.
2: We’ve upgraded the silicone heater for your build plate from 60W to 75W to improve overall heating speed and to provide less thermal variance while printing.
3: New mini-stealthburner with hot-end umbilical toolboard for easier maintenance, cable management and upgrades.

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 36 cm



TZ-V6 2.0 Hotend, Phaetus Dragon HF hotend

[Extrusion Color]

Black, White, Turquoise, Blue, Space gray, Green, Purple

[Regular colors]

Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, cyan, Blue, Purple, White, Gray, NO printed parts!

[Accent color]

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Black, White, NO printed parts!

0.2 R1 BOM

VORON 0.2 R1 [AUG]

Category Description / Qty
In the tools box 3x6x0.5 Shim Washer 10.9 Nickel plating 41
In the tools box M2 Nut 10.9 Nickel plating 64
In the tools box M3 Nut 10.9 Nickel plating 161
In the tools box M2x6 SHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 81
In the tools box M2x6 FHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 12
In the tools box M2x8 SHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 12
In the tools box M3x6 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 54
In the tools box M3x8 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 133
In the tools box M3x8 FHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 6
In the tools box M3x10 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 35
In the tools box M3x12 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 29
In the tools box M3x16 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 12
In the tools box M3x25 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 12
In the tools box M3x30 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 12
In the tools box M3x35 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 35
In the tools box M3x40 BHCS 10.9 Nickel plating 12
In the tools box M2x10 Self Tapping Screws for Plastic 10.9 Nickel plating 35
In the tools box M3 Brass heatstake inserts – short M3x5x4 / 58
In the tools box M3 t-nut / 2
In the tools box F623-RS Bearing / 24
In the tools box yellow die springs 8x4x20mm / 3
In the tools box Little Rubber Feet / 4
In the tools box 6mm x 3mm Round Neodymium Magnets / 8
In the tools box Hexagonal nylon screw post / 4
In the tools box Bondtech BMG Extruder Kit / 1
In the tools box CNC POM 50-tooth gear Siboor 1
Frame EXTRUSION 15×15 200mm Siboor 16
Electronics LM200-20B24R2 200W Power Mornsun 1
Electronics Gemini V3 Mellow 1
Electronics MicroSD Card Sandisk 1
Electronics USB WIFI module / 1
Electronics NEMA14 Stepper Motor 40Ncm Siboor 2
Electronics NEMA17 Stepper Motor w/ integrated lead screw 200mm T8x8 Siboor 1
Electronics Nema14 Motor 14RE08-1004S-H stepperonline 1
Electronics 3010 blower fans 24V Siboor 2
Electronics 3010 axial fan 24V Siboor 2
Electronics Micro Switch / 1
Electronics C13 Power Cord / 1
Electronics IEC320 C14 inlet / 1
Electronics SIBOOR CHC V6 Hotend(24V 60W) Siboor
Electronics V0-Display Siboor 1
Electronics 3M 5952 VHB tape 3M 1
Electronics High Flex Wire 20gauge / 2
Electronics 7mm x 7mm cable chain (less than 1/2 meter needed) / 1
Electronics ADXL345 / 1
Electronics ADXL345 flat cable Siboor 1
Electronics Nylon Cable Ties (1.8mm wide or smaller) / 50
Electronics Hotend LED+Ptfe cable / 1
Electronics Heatbed Neoplxel PCB Siboor 1
Electronics XH2.54 cable(1000mm) Siboor 3
Electronics WAGO 221-412 Siboor 1
Electronics XH PCB 2p-2p Siboor 1
Electronics V0-Umbilical Siboor 1
Electronics V0-Umbilical  14PIN flat cable Siboor 1
MGN7H Linear Rail with Carriage – 150mm Siboor 5
MGN7H guide rail metal fixing strip Siboor 5
GT2 20T (5mm ID 6mm W) Powge 2
GT2 Open Belt (6mm W) – 3000mm Gates 3
Buildplate 6061 1/4″ Plate – 120x120mm Siboor 1
Buildplate Silicone DC 24V Heater 100x100mm 75W Siboor 1
Buildplate Pro+ 3M 468MP (200MP) Siboor 1
Buildplate Kirigami
PC panel Clear – 212x230x3mm PC panel 2
PC panel Clear – 212x239x3mm PC panel 1
Upper Rear Panel 212x63x3mm PC panel 1
Lower Rear Panel 212x185x3mm PC panel 1
Deck Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) PC panel 1
Motor Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) PC panel 1
Bottom Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) PC panel 1
Mid Panel 3mm thick (See DXF) PC panel 1
Misc. Bowden Tube 4x2mm – 1m / 1
Misc. Bowden Tube 4x3mm – 1m / 1
Misc. Screwdriver (M1.5/2/3) Siboor 3
Extrusion Tophat Top Panel 212x212mm PC panel 1
Extrusion Tophat Side Panels 212x71mm PC panel 4
Extrusion Tophat Makerbeam XL 15×15 200mm SIBOOR 4
Extrusion Tophat Makerbeam XL 15×15×80mm SIBOOR 4
Misc. Full set of printsABS+ ESUN 1

This list only for reference.

Under special situations, parts will updated to same level and quality products.

If there has any changes, will update immediately here

5 reviews for SIBOOR VORON 0.2 R1 [Aug,2023] 3D Printer Kit (COLOR FRAME / COLOR ABS PARTS)

  1. admin

    Great products

  2. Jeremy Giese (verified owner)

    I bought two of the version of the V0.2R1 before this Aug 2023 version was released. I was very pleased with those builds and didn’t encounter any issues that I couldn’t figure out. While buying the August version I didn’t read the changes very closely and am very happy with the inclusion of the kirigami bed and the tool board as it will simplify wiring.

  3. Hampus Ihrfors (verified owner)

    Quick summary:
    This is an amazing kit for the price and I would personally recommend it to anyone building a Voron 0.2 R1. Most parts are of good quality but I do suggest swapping fans and the X-rail if you are looking to improve the build.

    I bought this kit as my first Voron-printer and built it with parts I printed myself. Now that it is completed it prints very fast and with good quality. In general the parts were of good quality despite the pretty low price of the kit however there were some cut corners that I noticed which I will mention at the end of the review. There was plenty of screws and nuts so I have some spares of almost all sizes which was nice since I did loose a few nuts early on in the build. The color of the space gray extrusions was amazing and it felt very durable too. The panels are of good quality but do keep in mind that the black panels are glossy so you have to keep greasy fingers away if you want to keep it it looking clean. The wires are pre-cut and of good enough length to do proper wire management

    I’m very happy with my completed printer however I can’t leave a five star review as there were a few smaller issues that I encountered during my build, therefore I have rated this a strong four out of five. In the final part bellow I will mention some issues I had to deal with but do keep in mind that these are minor and for the price that this printer is sold at I understand that you should not expect the highest quality, but I still feel that is good to mention.

    The first issue I encountered was that the higher pre-load rail for the X-axis was of really bad quality, it would proboly have worked well enough but it did not give me confidence so I instead used a rail from another brand. The second issue was that the ferrules for the Umbilical frame board would not fit into the terminals since they were too big, it was solved by cutting part of the plastic sleeve off which was not hard. The last item of not was that the included display did not have any firmware loaded and it was not mentioned how to install Klipper onto it in the guide, this was easily fixed by following the steps in the official Github repo for the display but I would have assumed it was pre-flashed with Klipper since the other boards were flashed when i got them. The fans where also sort of loud so they were swapped for ones from another brand, however airflow was very good. It was also annoying that the hotend fan runs at 100% all of the time due to how the MCU only has two controllable fan ports

  4. Gabriel Quimpo (verified owner)

    Honestly I would rate 4.5 stars if i could.

    Parts – 4/5
    Software – 4.5/5
    Price – 5+/5

    This kit was pretty good, with some relatively minor issues. Keeping in mind that this is the first Voron kit that i have done, I think this kit goes for a lot of small upgrades that are nice, while skipping some of the quality control that could have been done better. That being said, the price is rather exceptional, and some quality control issues are to be expected.

    Overall, the kit was really fun, and for a first build, i had a great time putting it together. It wasn’t perfect, and there were some issues that i needed to handle, but mostly it was smooth sailing. If you have tinkered a lot, or just enjoy making things, then this is a fantastic kit. On top of all of that, I had plenty of extra fasteners left over at the end as well.

    Issues that i ran into:
    -I did have one of the aluminum beams come in with bad dimensions. I had to shave out some of the aluminum so that the M3 screws could fit inside them.
    -The ADXL mount also doesn’t fit where it is supposed to because of the umbilical board.
    -One of the fans i had was dead out of the box and needed to be replaced.
    -As for the software, the mcu, host, and screen came flashed with an old set of firmware that weren’t very straightforward to update.
    Make sure that you join the Discord, as they often have the answers already when these issues come up.

    That being said, after i fixed some of those issues and pushed plastic, it worked perfectly, so a huge thank you to Siboor for putting the Voron printers in reach. I don’t think i would have gotten a Voron for another 6-12 months for the extra 200-400 other kits cost. I will definitely be considering Siboor for further projects.

  5. StaticXster70 (verified owner)

    I would have rated a 4.5/5 if it were possibly. Nothing was truly bad about this kit, but there are some issues.

    This was my first Voron build, and I was really impressed with the vast majority of the kit. All of the hardware was as it should be, and the wires were all pre-crimped and ready do go. It was just as painless as I had hoped the build to be albeit with some minor problems that I didn’t care for:

    1. I have found that I really don’t care much for Fly Gemini control boards. I had no issues connecting via SSH, it was just impossible to do much of anything even once connected. I could not install Kiauh, I could not flash the firmware, I could only re-flash the control board with the Gemini image. Even after re-flashing the image, I could not get anything to operate the way that the manual indicates. I said some choice words, uninstalled the thing and converted all of my controls to BTT equipment that has always worked well for me.

    2. One of the extrusions for the blind joints were drilled off-center and made it almost impossible to get the joint together without marring the finish. Some jewellers files allowed me to widen the hole enough to make the joint connection, but it is something to note.

    3. The Z axis motor was terminated backwards, which gave me a bit of a headache when going through my Klipper config checks. Ultimately I figured it out, but also an unnecessary inconvenience.

    4. My toolhead face has a purple rectangle after-image that is off-center of the HE fan aperture. It just looks like residue baked in after printing the purple functional parts on the same print bed. The toolhead works, and I’m not about to wait for a replacement and then disassemble the toolhead again. Cosmetically this is a suboptimal outcome for obvious reasons.

    It may seem like that’s a lot, but it really isn’t that bad. This was actually a by-the-book build that went relatively well. I’ve already printed a Voron cube at absolutely inSANE speeds that look better than my other printers can do. That has only encouraged me to continue my Voron journey, and I only wished that Siboor had Trident kits in stock before buying my next one elsewhere. Hopefully if I continue my descent down the rabbit hole, I will confidently buy from Siboor again in the future.

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