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SIBOOR Voron Trident[June,2024] CNC Metal Structure 4AWD CoreXY


Pre-Sale Notice:

SIBOOR Trident [JUNE, 2024] includes CNC metal structural parts and necessary ABS structural parts, equipped with a gantry, compatible with AWD and 2WD. The printing area of ​​the 300 model is 300×300×250mm, and the printing area of ​​the 350 model is 350×350×250mm (when using AWD, the front side of the printing plate will lose a certain area).
1: After final confirmation, AWD will use 4248 stepper motor, because the impedance of 4260 motor is too high, which will affect the operation of AWD.
2: This is the early bird price for pre-sale. The original price will be restored on June 19th, and the original price will be increased by US$100.
3: The estimated delivery time is before June 30.


Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 36 cm

300, 350

Functional parts

CNC Metal 4AWD

Decorative parts

Needs decorative parts, No decorative parts

Color of metal parts

Black&White(Default), Black&Red


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